Promotional apparel is the top seller for customizable products for a reason. Everyone must wear clothes, and the appeal of branded clothing accessories is universal. Therefore, putting your logo on products, t shirts, and accessories people constantly wear or carry around makes sense. Any custom clothing that decorates or covers a person can be used to your best advantage. Check out all the options to get your logo noticed!

Shop Branded Bandanas and Shirts

Bandanas are perfect to use as giveaways to inspire solidarity or school spirit. Picture all the people in the stands with matching team fandanas. Talk about getting your brand noticed! Give out cooling neck wraps if your company hosts an athletic event like a mud run or a fitness boot camp.

With plenty of options in material, from moisture wicking material to comfy fabrics that feel like favorite t shirts, these promotional products can work hard as workwear, uniforms or college swag. Take the initiative and complete your unique design for the ultimate in logo clothing and t shirts. Embroidery, screen-printing and other customization techniques can help you create a fun giveaway that sets your business or store apart.

From embroidered socks, caps and sweatshirts to print artwork, create custom clothing that will stand out at trade shows. Not only will your customers and future clients love representing with logo embroidered promotional clothing, but your employees will also love representing their corporate team with promotional apparel.

Speaking of swag, one easy (and affordable!) way to get your message seen is by imprinting an elastic wristband. These are ideal for not-for-profits, charities, and schools — excellent bang for your buck that comes in various widths and colors. Plus, you can give them out in large quantities without needing much space for storage or transport. Both event attendees and your employees will display your name with enthusiasm on their apparel.

With an easy to read surface and printed words, these wristbands will keep your budget low and your advertising reach high! Brand recognition for your company name will bring in new customers at your next event. Undoubtedly, this kind of giveaway tops the charts as a clear winner.

Apparel Accessories Can Make the Difference

Another way to make the most of your next promotional campaign is to give out apparel accessories that people carry regularly. Enter the customized keychain! Practically everyone needs to carry around their keys daily. Consequently, there is no better way to promote and get your business noticed!

Give your intended audience promotional products that help with their daily lives while building loyalty for your company! There are so many options, from sophisticated to useful. You can order keychains with a classy engraved surface or as a shape (like a tooth!) You can even choose a key ring that features an attached bottle opener.

Check out all of the options for lanyards as well! While a keychain may be the best accessory for someone in their personal life, the lanyard is the best choice for work. Nowadays, everyone must consider security in their day-to-day operations, and identifying people is essential, especially during events and in the office.

Take advantage of having your brand stand out with various colors and styles. Back to school? Are you headed to a national convention? These lanyards are even ideal giveaways for corporate events or Comicons. Men and women alike will love receiving these promotional gifts. Not only are they helpful tools, but they can also turn into keepsake items.

Furthermore, wallets and cases are part of everyone’s routine when walking out the door to work. Checking in at the security desk or swiping your ID card is more manageable with supportive accessories.

The retractable badge holder is one of the best items to help with your security protocols. For example, some styles attach to a belt loop, bag, or pocket. As a result, when credentials or small tools are needed, the cord stretches out quickly and retracts.

Some of them feature the ability to showcase your name, brands or logo in engraved excellence. Others show off company brands in bright, visible colors. Check them out, stay on course and see what style logo works best for your business.

Personalize and customize those items that people need to keep with them all the time. Add to cart and give the gift of branded attire, apparel and gear! It is a no-brainer to put your logo on promotional apparel.