Custom logo accessories are a great way to get your brand directly in people’s hands. Check out the different options; there’s something for everyone.

For example, keychains with flashlights or bottle openers are great choices when you want something more than just a simple design. Anytime you can add a carabiner clip onto something, it’s a hit because they are so handy. Especially people who venture outdoors can use a carabiner keychain to clip to a belt loop or their backpack. And when you add a small light on it, there are so many people who will WOW when you hand them out. Talk about a great option for maintenance teams or an outdoor supply company. Indeed, campers love them. Check out all the options for you.

One of our favorite custom logo accessories is the personalized keychain with logo laser engraved pull apart. The laser engraving gives it an upscale look. Even more, the pull-apart feature keeps your house and office keys separated. It’s a great giveaway. And these small giveaways are easy to store and even better for your marketing budget. Everyone can find a use for a keychain, which makes it the perfect addition to your freebie bin. Bring them to your next trade show; no one needs to know how little you paid for such an impressive gift.

Speaking of budget-friendly options, lanyards are the kind of small accessory that makes an operation run smoothly. When everyone’s credentialed correctly, it is easy for your staff to keep track of people. Alligator clips easily hold an id badge or a small keyring at the bottom for ease of access. Plus, there’s a snap with a hook at the top of the neck. And, your logo or message repeats on your color choice.

Additionally, this breakaway lanyard is an excellent bang for your buck, too. The incredibly affordable price makes it possible to give one to everyone at your event, company, or camp without breaking your budget. Plus, there’s even one with a charging cable, too.

Simple custom logo accessories that can fit nicely in a handbag are always a popular giveaway, like keychains. There are so many variations, you can create a design for your employees and one for your customers – that’s how many choices and possibilities there are, amazing! And when it comes to lanyards, there’s no need to dig out your ID badge from your wallet to show your credentials when you check-in somewhere. Accessories are where it’s at.

Check out all possibilities in apparel to get your brand out there.