Bandanas printed with custom logo are among the most versatile clothing accessories in the world! A fun fashion statement that coordinates with all kinds of apparel, a custom bandana takes your promotional campaign to another level! Shop here for various options that will quickly become your customers’ favorites when it comes time to represent!

Refine your giveaway game with a custom fandana

Now, you might wonder what a fandana is and why someone would need one. Generally made from stretchy polyester microfiber, these cloth tubes are a fun twist on a traditional bandana.

Your gift recipients can use these as solid fashion accessories. It can help rogue hairs stay contained, work as a makeshift mask, or even keep a cold neck warm in windy weather. Whether as a hat or even a belt, these prints detail your company as a mainstay clothing accessory in your customers’ closets.

Fandanas are fun and quirky. Most importantly, they offer incredible promotional potential! With a large surface area, you can customize your logo onto several striking fabric colors to match any branding vision. This stylish accessory is always guaranteed to be worn in an extremely visible way! Both men and women will love wearing these kinds of promo gifts and you will love the results that come from vibrant bandanas.

These can star as a cooling piece of apparel after making the winning shot in a neighborhood basketball game or as part of a uniform at a team building exercise. No matter how the user twists, ties, or tosses it, a branded bandana will create a major buzz.

Not only do we offer customized fandanas, but you can customize a fandana to match your brand identity perfectly. Available in several colors, including white and black possibilities, these are a great way to hit home your message.

It is one of the best choices in promotional items that allow your business to participate in a big way at athletic events or other outdoor activities. With a huge area available to portray your logo with extraordinary presence, your message and colors will be seen loud and clear with a custom fandana full sublimation. You can also design many different functional bandana-style towels and head wraps. Although the traditional bandana has a normal name, it is anything less than boring!

Pick your coordinating color family and generate brand awareness

Your custom bandana will show up everywhere. They can be used as head wraps to keep hair out of athletes’ eyes or tied around arms as a team connection symbol. Show your support and company sponsorship of local sports teams that will use your customized bandana at every game.

Hand them out at fun runs or non-profit fundraiser events. Women and men, teenagers, and kids of all ages will love representing your company with these popular giveaway gifts that can coordinate with any athletic and activewear attire.

Usable in endless ways, a custom bandana will give your silkscreened imprinted logo unmatched visibility. Create a cohesive look from your brand’s color family and design the bandana of your promotional dreams! Use black or white lettering to make sure that your business name stands out against the background colors.

Not only that, but you can achieve widespread brand awareness with some other equally valuable products. From a colorful cotton bandana to imprinting paisley motifs in your design, there is so much advertising potential to explore. The world is your proverbial promotional oyster!

Another trendy alternative to a traditional bandana is an innovative cooling neck wrap. These fun apparel accessories are reusable and easy to use for all day chilling benefits! With a large and expansive imprint area, this is the perfect product for keeping your organization on display.

Made of quality material that can be used wet or dry, this cooling towel can keep hair out of the eyes or as a fashion accessory, even for men. To use it wet, the user only has to run the branded neck wrap under fresh water and wring out the excess liquid. Finally, apply the wrap, and the user will sigh relief at the rush of cool airflow through the microfiber material. Refreshing!

A customized cooling neck wrap is a lightweight, convenient and attractive accessory that your company can proudly hand out at any function! Long after the event is over, this is a promo gift that will be used over and over again. At home, during lunch breaks, at work, and every other place imaginable.

Let attractive prints detail your commitment to quality

Another excellent option for increasing your brand awareness in a very user-friendly way is with branded towels. The shape and size resemble that of a generously sized hand towel, as opposed to bandana style accessories. As a result, these promo gifts are ultimately useful!

With several premium color options and white or black lettering, there is an eye catching area on which to imprint your business details. Consequently, these towels are more than just your average towel. These cooling towels are superstars at water absorption, perfect for effectively cooling down large areas. Gentle enough to use on the skin or to keep exercise equipment slip-free, a custom towel is an accessory that will become a gym bag staple.

These towels feel dry even after absorbing sweat or other liquids, which makes them ultra useful. Not only that, but the quick wick properties of the material keep this towel looking fresh despite prolonged use. Check out the cooling towel 12×30 that is sized just right to be the top pick for any strenuous activity! If the cooling properties start to disappear during use, all it takes is another quick dunk. This towel is back to work in no time.

Take a page out of the basic healthcare necessity guide with cooling towels. These can help cool down and keep body temperatures in check. While hanging out with your lucky recipients, this towel will make positive impressions at the gym, corporate retreats, and while out on the town. Whether enjoying a cup of coffee after a challenging workout class or participating in a sponsored league, your company will maintain a powerful presence.

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Keep your logo’s influence strong overall, and enjoy the benefits brought to your company by increasing your brand awareness. Make sure your business is always running at optimal speed! Don’t wait to check out all the promotional merchandise that can make a difference for your company. Buy now and order your bandanas printed with custom logo now!