Headbands for promotional accessories go beyond the basics for custom clothing! Transform these staple apparel products into customized statement pieces! Worn on one of the most visible spots on a person, create your own branded headbands and take advantage of that advertising real estate!

Start with the Personalized Headband Standard for an especially impressive full color option. Help your vendors and customers keep their hair looking neat while remaining stylish. This product is made from a stretchy elastic material that is sewn instead of stapled. As a result, it is ultimately comfortable and will be a wildly popular giveaway. 

With the ability to match any uniform or costume, these are the perfect promotional items. Show your team pride by ordering enough for the softball team or hand them out for basketball game attendees to wear. Giveaway recipients will be able to show their team spirit, and you will make the most out of your advertising efforts. It’s a win all around!

In addition, you can take your company’s promotion to the next level with an innovative product that offers excellent advertising at eye level! A Cooling Headband is a revolutionary and fresh new product that takes all the benefits and features of a cooling towel and makes it twice as easy to use.

Ideal for use in any circumstance, whether outside or indoors. These soft headbands are the perfect type of swag to give away in a variety of instances. They are excellent choices for community runs, fundraising fairs, or city league championship games. These headbands are clear winners anywhere organized activities occur to keep your brand noticeable.

Headbands are also vital in keeping your brand securely visible in daily activities. Your cooling headbands will appear on the mountain, adorning hikers’ heads. It will show up at a group ride for a mountain bike club. It will become a staple workout accessory at the gym. Additionally, an essential piece of gear for someone who runs long distances.

Another excellent option to get attention for your brand is to design a Custom Logo Headband. This headwrap is different in that it has a massive four inch wide backdrop, for you to imprint your logo or message. That is some A-List advertising!

This band lets your logo do all the talking with several color choices. Built from quality stretchy material, the unique dimension of this headwrap creates a very comfortable, enduring way to promote your company.

This headwrap is a universally appreciated accessory and is a perfect giveaway for any gym or athletic club. As race swag for marathon runners, under helmets for cyclists, snow sports enthusiasts, and more! Use them for day camps or to help distinguish players on teams at a corporate retreat. The sky is the limit for the level of brand saturation you will achieve with an attractive logo-based promo product.

Furthermore, you can take the benefits of a wide headwrap and elevate it another step by designing your bulk order of Custom Logo Headbands Full Color. This band boasts the same four-inch wide imprint space with many of the same attributes. Truly impressive advertising space on something so small!

Limits will not exist for your logo. You can imprint your company’s brand on this headwrap in a full wrap with full color options. This makes your headband that much more visible! Your brand will be the number one head turner at the registration table. Always comfortable and made of quality material, this headwrap is the ultimate giveaway gift you’ve been looking for.

At its very core, a headband is among the most basic hair taming devices ever invented. From creating your own colorful designs to classic everyday looks, with your company as the focal point, there is the perfect headband for your goals.

When you customize with Propermark, you turn these apparel accessories into fashionable and unique promotional products that will never be forgotten.  Order your headbands for promotional accessories today!