Custom badge holders are an easy choice for your next giveaway. Check out all the badge and ID holders we have. People love to get useful items. Whether for the office or home (or travel), give out things that folks don’t want to leave behind. And now your brand is with them all day – every day. Build your brand. What’s your budget? Certainly, we got something for you.

Let’s talk about the office. Nowadays, security is on the top of everyone’s priority list. And credentialing is part of the daily protocol. Keeping track of people and where they can be is the norm. Surely, no office needs a fumbling system held up by people digging through their belongings to find their ID cards. So, make this part of your operation run smoothly with our custom badge holders.

And one thing we recommend for that operation is retractable badge holders. Round or square? Full color or engraved? Alligator clip or carabiner? Looking for something a little upscale? Consider the laser-engraved ones with a chrome finish. They all display your logo, so your design is front and center every time it’s clipped to their belt loop, pocket, or bag.

These are ideal for operations that have swipe tech for entry. Folks breeze through secure places with one of these clipped to their side. Be sure to check out the different options on the back of them. For example, some have slip clips that work great with pockets, and others have alligator clips.

We have the perfect custom badge holders for you: hospitals, schools, airlines, whatever your business or whatever your style.

Additionally, they aren’t just for offices either. Hobbyists like quilters or fisherfolk can also keep a small tool at the end of their badge reel. Even better, a cyclist can attach a key to one and not have to unzip a thing to unlock their bike because the cord stretches out and snaps back like a measuring tape. Think outside of the box because the uses for these are practically endless.

Indeed, whatever your budget, we have the perfect solution for you. Actually, the hardest part is choosing just one! Check out all possibilities in apparel to build your swag collection.