Arts and Entertainment products are among the easiest and most rewarding items to use as promotional giveaways. Fun and lighthearted, they create an easy and approachable connection with your customers. Represent your organization’s logo on exclusive party favors, and let the fun begin!

Branded entertainment items keep your logo relevant for days after an event

Start with creating customized party supplies that will keep your logo on the social web after successful events. Truly, become the “new news.” Products that can work overtime in the arts department for your company are great choices when it comes to promotional giveaways.

Pick items that can either travel with your recipients to the movie theaters or stay at home in comfort. Reruns of The Brady Bunch on the weekend programming? Sure Jan!

Or maybe your customers will be listening to music on the porch with family on Sunday evening. Stay on standby while they watch or listen to old favorites or read a good book on their lazy days.

Imprint on art items that your customers will not only use at your event but will be able to take home as well. Because these giveaways enjoy repeated use, they are among the best options for promotional merchandise that stays working hard for you.

As a result, your logo will become relevant news and the talk of the town!

Your logo at the movie theater and more!

Keep your branding message visible during concerts, theater plays, and musical productions. Downtown museum visits, social dances, and Friday night dates can all be avenues for letting your contribution to the arts be seen.

Let your network flex your advertising power through whatever artists and activities your customers love!

Always be sure to be part of the breaking news in every social circle. Your customers and clients will love showing off the swanky swag they received as exclusive giveaways at community art and cultural events. They will feel like celebrities at the Golden Globes (just like Harry!), sponsored by your company.

Appeal to the artist in everyone

Create custom Hand Fans artistically imprinted with your logo or message. These unique promotional pieces will make waves with their overall usability and artists qualities.

Anywhere these fans are waving, your business will attract attention. As a result, you can build a culture and a loyal following of life customers.

The durable material will benefit your company in the long run, providing excellent visibility and brand saturation over time. With a huge space to imprint your brand, hand fans will become a “fan” favorite in public opinion.

Available to customize in several different colors, you will be able to match your organizations’ logo effortlessly. Cheery and colorful, these will be a welcome addition to your swag collection. Plus, they are lightweight and compact, making it easy to keep a stack in your party supply closet all year round, from Jan-Dec.

You will never be caught unprepared for any possible promotional situation with a box of these fans at the ready.

Bring the arts to the table

Moreover, you can use drinkware and party utensils as unique ways to create brand awareness through entertainment. Create the opportunity to spark some real conversation centered around your company.

Ring in the new year and celebrate education or Hollywood history with fun gifts. Recreate scenes from classic films with custom decorative table items at a themed entertainment party. End a company retreat week on a light note with cheerful personalized gifts such as drinking glasses or straws.

Imprint on items established in pop culture as necessary, fun, and industry statements

One such product is our customizable and Reusable Straws, which, in popular opinion, are an excellent way to solidify your authenticity as a company that cares. Become the star of sustainability!

Sustainable and boasting their customized carrying cases, these straws garner attention at big events or corporate activities. They will help instill your company’s values in the quest for change and greater sustainability in our world for your customers.

Brand awareness and increased customer confidence in your company? That is a win!

Not only that, but these reusable straws are available in a selection of cheerful artists colors, all while showcasing your logo. Creating and matching your brand identity with your newly released promotional products will be a breeze.

Available in both silicone and stainless steel materials, these straws are a statement promo gift that can make news!

Keep your name relevant with art on essential products

There are thousands of important reasons why personalized gifts should be included on your advertising to-do list.

Start now and create your customized bulk order of fun yet essential items that will work hard to keep your business noticeable at every step! Create your very own promotional products that fit into arts and entertainment today!