Lunch bags and coolers are the best kind of bags to personalize with your company logo. Not only are they useful, but they act like walking billboards to keep your company relevant. Don’t let your customers and clients leave home without yours! Keep looking to find the best bags to represent your company.

These custom lunch bags and coolers are among the best promotional products. They offer a level of brand visibility that is truly impactful. With a huge imprint area and the ability to customize these coolers into any color combination, it will be an easy job to create a bag that effectively matches your brand identity.

The world today requires frequent and often lengthy travel. At the same time, traveling is regularly accompanied by the need to eat. Everyone knows that the cost of convenience food during vacations or while traveling can add up quickly!

Here is where your company can step into action on behalf of your consumers in a big way! Insulated carriers that can measure up to the expectation of keeping food fresh for long periods of time are an essential part of daily life.

Start with Custom Insulated Cooler Bags, the perfect solution to transport and keep significant amounts of food cold for extended periods.  From maintaining groceries at the correct temperature on the way home from the grocery store to transporting a delicious meal to the park, these coolers perform!

These coolers have an inner lining that helps maintain correct temperatures, as well as a reinforced plastic base. This feature ensures that the contents of the bag have space to settle instead of creating a mosh pit of food. Nobody likes a smashed sandwich!

Furthermore, these cooler totes have a thermo shield layer on the bag’s exterior. This creates the first line of defense in creating the proper environment inside the bag to keep food cool. Coupled with thermo insulation, free from lead, and a durable top zipper, this bag is ready to serve its purpose!

If you’re looking for coolers targeted for individual use, check out Custom Insulated Bags. These are on a smaller scale than a cooler tote but are just as useful. With a full color imprint that spans the entire front side of this perfectly sized cooler, your logo stays front and center at every meal.

These insulated lunch boxes are reusable and easy to clean, an environmentally conscious alternative to paper or plastic sacks. It is purposefully designed to fit the needs of an individually sized meal. Not only that, but this cooler also offers a convenient little pocket on the front to store non-food essentials. Keys, phones, and eating utensils can stay within reach without sacrificing food storage space.

Complete with a durable zipper and a carrying handle, this handy personalized lunch box will be one of those items that are never left behind.

Additionally, non-insulated options can fulfill your company’s promotional goals. Promotional Lunch Bags are just another excellent way to keep your brand working hard at all times. These cute and colorful sacks make a statement with their convenient size and attractive design.

Modeled after the classic brown paper bag, these imprinted lunch sacks take the timeless design one step further. Packed meals will stay in place with a durable handle that makes this promotional product easy to carry. They even feature a secure closure on the front.

This bag is a great size to stick in the fridge at work or slide into a backpack for school. With the ability to reach a broad audience, this delightful little lunch sack is one of those commonly used items that will pack a big promotional punch.

Browse our many options for powerful promotional products and make your bulk order online today! Whatever your advertising goals, set off your company name with custom lunch bags and coolers.