Custom wine bags are a fantastic giveaway. They are so helpful to have at the ready whenever you run errands that require carrying bottles. Whether it’s shopping for your dinner party or bringing the spirits to it, having a shopping tote with these dividers is an asset you are so grateful to have for these occasions. A cumbersome cardboard box is so unsightly, too.

In fact, with the advent of social media, there are some fun hacks to create even more use of these reusable bags. For example, carry art supplies to play dates and keep everything organized. Or even better, separate plasticware, napkins, and condiments for the picnic. You don’t have to enjoy wine to love to have one of these.

In that case, these are great giveaways for everyone!

Speaking of picnics, consider adding custom printed lunch bags to your swag collection. These are a home run with reusable and recyclable at the top of everyone’s must-have lists. Take into consideration that your brand is printed on something that someone carries with them throughout their day. And if they are packing their lunch, it means that they are out and about. So anyone who encounters them with the bag will see your business.

Hand these custom wine bags out at a company picnic and impress everyone lucky enough to get one. The details make this a special item. It’s available in four colors, so print your organization’s logo with a full-color imprint on the bag’s front panel. Moreover, help your logo or design really pop by choosing a contrasting color for the tote’s body that closes with a Velcro tab on the top panel, which folds down.

By the same token, another thoughtful giveaway on the small side is a personalized zipper pouch mesh back sack. It’s made of a thick layer of polyurethane with a zipper and a carabiner clip to make it easy to take on the go for just a few essentials. These are ideal for taking outdoors. Specifically, if you are taking a bike ride and need only to take your car and house key, some lip balm – this is all you need. Clip it to a belt loop and put it in your pocket; it’s secure, and when you need something, flip it over and retrieve what you need. Thanks to the detail of a mesh back, there’s no need to fumble about.

Indeed, small things can make a big impact. And along those lines, another option for handy things that come in small packages, take a look at the custom pencil case. This affordable giveaway is ideal for so many situations. You may think that it’s a bit old-fashioned, but you’d be wrong. These are handy items to carry USB sticks (you can customize those, too!) and small charging cables. Therefore, these are perfect ways to show off your logo, whatever your business or organization.

Ideal for schools, not-for-profit organizations, or any business, everyone can use a small organizer. There are even translucent options, too.

As you can see, there are so many different options for you to make a thoughtful impact on everyone who has the chance to get one of these giveaways. Take a look at all the possibilities in the catalog and make the most of all that we have to offer. Get your brand out there and noticed with our products!