Cell phone cases and custom covers are one of the best cell phone accessories to customize with your company logo! Highly visible and highly sought after, these easy to design cases will make your brand stand out in a crowd. Put a little pizazz on your customers’ electronics and get your brand on a protective cellphone case today.

The best cellphone accessories are ones that not only provide extra brand awareness but also provide a measure of protection for your customers. For instance, our Water Resistant Phone Pouch Full Color is a promotional homerun. With a large full color imprint area and featuring obvious practical benefits, it will generate unmistakable attention for your company.

Available in several bright colors, you can match your brand identity flawlessly. The ripstop polyester provides exceptional protection to the pouch’s contents. Then, a clear pocket inside the main compartment creates a weather and waterproof container for expensive smartphones. The most fantastic aspect of this cellphone pouch is that the smartphone remains completely operable, even while inside the clear pocket!

Additionally, the waterproof case is large enough that other essential items can also stay safe and dry. Keys, digital cameras, and sunglasses will stay corralled and protected from the elements.

Give these pouches away at trade fairs and job shows. Watch your brand take off on canoe trips and to the water park. The amount of eyes that will see your company sponsoring good times will be immeasurable!

Check out our Cell Phone Pouch which is another excellent option for customizing tech accessories. This protective case is a conveniently sized holder that will be the star of the show anytime water is involved. This device holster will keep smartphones safe from the bathtub to a river trip. Triple sealed with a failsafe closure system, this bag will keep those valuable smartphones clean and dry.

Not only are they necessary for water activities, but these carrying cases are instrumental in other situations. The cellphone case is equally at home at fairs, musical concerts, or other large venues where clear bags are required. The best part? The smartphone inside the transparent pocket remains entirely usable. Send texts, make phone calls and check social media without compromising safety.

Furthermore, the sturdy bag remains easy to keep track of, with several options for attachment. First and foremost, the carrying case features an adjustable cord. It can be worn around necks or looped and then tied securely into a purse or backpack. It can also be wrapped around waists like a belt to stay easily accessible. Your brand will be widely visible!

Another great product you can imprint with your logo is a Water Resistant Phone Pouch. This handy carrying case keeps smartphones safe! There is nothing worse than an accidental drop into the pool. Today’s world revolves around smartphones and the information they keep and provide! Plus, the expense of repairing water logged cellphones is just additional stress.

With a branded water resistant pouch, all those worries disappear, no matter the activity. Give your customers peace of mind. Allow them to take their phones along for a paddle boarding excursion without concern. Go camping, and hike in inclement weather. Test drive those jet skis! The only limits will be the imagination (and maybe knees.)

Regardless, with the protective polyester backing and a transparent pocket, this handy bag will keep recipients connected while recreating. One of the significant benefits of this pouch is the ability to continually use the protected smartphone while it is inside the case.

The carrying bag also features a sturdy buckle closure system. Buckle it to belts, packs, or any other larger bag to keep it nearby during intensive activities. Easy to attach to grab handles on boats or even using it with its own handle, this bag is ultra useful.

Help your customers protect their valuable electronics with branding merchandise that alleviates stress surrounding electronics during hobbies and other activities. Create a stir for your brand and order your exclusively branded cell phone cases and custom covers TODAY!