Cell phone rings and personalized phone ring holders are the new trend to show off your brand! Because smartphones are constantly in people’s hands, it is the perfect opportunity to dig into gaining additional and widespread brand awareness for your company name. These are the most optimal cell phone accessories to kick off your next big promotional campaign. Keep browsing to discover the best cellphone ring to represent your brand!

Begin by looking at the Cell Phone Ring Grip, a definitive way to get your brand recognized. Made of durable plastic that is available in black, white, or blue, your logo gets to shine bright against the background of your choice. These polished metal rings rotate a full 360 degrees and come with application instructions.

Not only does this grip provide attractive personalization to your customers’ smartphones, but it also provides cellphone stand capabilities. Watch training videos, participate in a business meeting via a skype call, or read time-sensitive documents. All these activities can take place with the device securely propped up, freeing up the user’s hands to take notes and concentrate fully on the immediate task.

Furthermore, these grip rings provide extra security while devices are being held. Give your giveaway recipients an added measure of peace of mind. Smartphone repairs are costly and inconvenient. Your company can support the pocketbooks of your customers and employees!

Additionally, you can customize the Cell Phone Ring Holder Dome Imprint with attractive full color. A durable epoxy dome covering creates a smooth and comfortable surface. This device holder also features full 360 degrees swivel abilities.

Use the holder rings to support sending text messages, writing a quick email, or checking in with important people. No butterfingers accidents here! Not only that, but this cellphone holder also serves as a convenient stand. Your customers can download their favorite tv show and comfortably watch from their seats on a flight. Moreover, the stand allows users to read new books or other material without needing to hold their smartphones constantly. Ultimate comfort and convenience!

Due to the small and lightweight size of these promotional cellphone accessories, it is easy for you to order in bulk quantities and keep extra boxes in your supply closet. You won’t get caught off guard when an impromptu opportunity pops up to spread awareness for your brand!

If you want a more sophisticated cell phone accessory, customize our Cell Phone Ring Holder. This unique attachment is made from striking stainless steel. Truly appealing to the eye and with a good weight, this is a ring holder that will attract attention.

Your giveaway recipients can hold their phones comfortably while making calls or taking photos. Likewise, you can help protect their smartphone investments! There is nothing worse than dropping a cellphone onto an unfriendly surface. Rock chips, cracked screens, and malfunctioning phones caused by internal damage are among the worst inconveniences for electronic devices. Help your customers sidestep those headaches!

Effectively reduce the possibility of inopportune device drops while using this cellphone ring holder. That right there is reason enough to make sure your order is adequate to give away to everyone! Your customers, future clients, and employees that receive these promotional gifts will always be appreciative when it comes to protecting their smartphones.  

This ring holder attaches with a strong adhesive that is easy to apply and remove! Bring maximum usability and success to your giveaway recipients with the included instructions.  

You can’t go wrong with a giveaway that addresses the need for useful and attractive cell phone accessories. Discover how you can customize promotional products to create more brand saturation for your company while creating excitement for your customers!

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