Cell phone wallets are one of the best ways to streamline your life! Create your own customized versions of a cell phone case wallet. Allow your customers to use their electronics to their full advantage. Create branded cell phone accessories that won’t soon be forgotten!

These fun and innovative promotional products are a clever solution to a never-ending problem. Did you remember your cellphone, but not your wallet? Or maybe it is always vice versa. Either way, cell phone wallets case customized with your company’s logo will be a lifesaver.

Our Cell Phone Wallet is a fantastic daily product that will generate attention for your brand. Available in several premium colors, this cellphone stick on wallet means you can take all the essentials without sacrificing any extra brain power. It will genuinely appeal to the simple desires that everyone has deep inside!

Slim down the amount of pocket space needed with this wallet. It is spacious enough to fit a few credit cards, ID cards or passes, and some loose bills. The soft interiors of the card slots will not damage or scratch the inserted cards. Subsequently, minimalists will love the efficiency aspect of these fun cellphone cases.

Made of silicone, the cellphone holder case is comfortable to hold even while on a call and easy to clean. The universally sized case will fit most models of smartphones. The strong adhesive will adhere to the desired device but will come off with minimal residue when it is time to swap to a new device. Additionally, there is an included instruction card that will ensure this handy giveaway can be used to its full capacity.

These are perfect promotional products to give away in large quantities at sponsored events, school fairs, and business conferences. People love to accessorize their cellphones, and these, tastefully displayed, will be a natural attraction.

In addition, another great option is the Phone Kickstand which features many of the same qualities yet doubles as a cellphone holder! Use it as an office accessory or at home. As a result, this kickstand wallet is ready to perform anywhere.

Modeled like the kickstand on a bicycle, this wallet case offers multi-use possibilities. Able to support devices horizontally or vertically, phones become mini tablets or private viewing screens for tv shows and movies. Moreover, users can watch YouTube videos with comfort or read the latest best-selling novel.

In the office, prop the smartphone up on the desk and work more efficiently. Because of this, the stand creates an environment geared towards picking up the device less. With a glance, the user can decide which notifications are important without tapping the smartphone open. If an urgent message does come across, the smartphone is just inches away for a quick response.

Furthermore, this stand makes it easier for people to participate in Facetime calls or Zoom meetings more attentively. Set the stand at a flattering angle; all that needs to happen is a smile! Other contributors will appreciate the decrease in camera movement and rustling noises. Hands can remain free to jot down notes or be ready with supporting documents.

Not only that, but the kickstand is also engineered into serving as a storage feature. Users can swiftly wrap their headphones around the base when not in use. This enables your gift recipients the ability to stay organized with the capacity to keep everything in its place. Truly, this is an ultimately useful product.

The stand itself is the focal point of this cellphone case, and that is where your company comes in strong. With several exceptional colors to choose from and an ample imprint space, it will be obvious who sponsors such a useful item.

Keep looking for more innovative promotional merchandise ideas. Put your logo on any of our premium marketing materials and enjoy high amounts of brand saturation in your industry and beyond. Don’t miss out on advertising opportunities! Design and bulk order your company’s exclusively branded custom cell phone wallets today!