Promotional wireless chargers are becoming one of the most popular tech accessories across every industry. Wireless charging is really worth it, and even more so when you put your brand on the charger! Boost your company name and create a promotional giveaway that everyone will love!

Every single person loves to use customized electronics, and these attractive devices combine the best parts of a power bank and corded chargers into one ultra convenient tech accessory. Help your customers and clients power up with promotional wireless chargers that streamline their daily routines.

These custom chargers work with any phone that offers a wireless charging system. What a great way to highlight your logo on a tech accessory that will be used in every avenue of life. As a result, your company will enjoy the benefits that a highly visible promotional gift can produce.

Each day, the number of times people use their devices is countless. Similarly, each of those devices requires full power! Take advantage of one of the most necessary accessories and boost your brand’s visibility.

For instance, check out this custom charging pad that allows your brand to be imprinted on a wide, flat surface that will be visible to anyone. All your customers must do is place their wireless charging enabled phone on the base.

As soon as the phone makes contact, the power-up of the battery begins. An LED light signal ensures the user knows their device is powering correctly. A non-slip bottom guarantees this pad stays in place on desktops and countertops.

These are perfect giveaways to represent your company at trade shows and business conventions. Anyone who receives this thoughtful promo gift will immediately associate your company with innovation and concern for your customers.

Not only that, but these chargers come in beautiful white gift boxes that take this business giveaway from an everyday tech accessory to a classy gifting gesture.

If you are looking to add a little more pizazz to your gift, the custom charging pad full color is the best way to attract attention. This pad maintains all the features of a quality charger but can showcase your logo in eye-catching color.

Be the reason people can always count on a fully charged smartphone with this beautiful tech accessory. These are perfect to use as a giveaway for any business that keeps the focus on efficiency and productivity.

University programs, as well as technology centers, can all benefit from using these branded charging pads as a way to connect with their patrons. These are the perfect accessories to use in libraries and study halls, where your logo will stay at the forefront.

Add these to swag bags for unforgettable impressions on your gift recipients. The chargers come presented in gift boxes, adding an element of sophistication to any gift basket or welcome packet.

Further highlight your business with a custom wireless charging pad that promotes your business, whether used at home or in offices. One of the best cell phone accessories available, this is an energetic way to boost your brand awareness.

Your customers and gift recipients no longer have to hunt for compatible cords! With this pad, all that needs to happen is simply for the user to place their wireless-enabled smartphone on the base. An LED light will come on, and before they know it, their device will be fully powered up. Everything and everyone will be ready to get back to work!

Your customers will want more than one! They will keep them in every central place in their office. Furthermore, they will want to keep several in those pivotal spots in their homes. How much easier is it to throw a smartphone down on the pad rather than find a cord?

Additionally, you can combine all those incredible features with the power of vibrancy! Take a look at the custom wireless charging pad full color that keeps your logo the center of attention when it comes to smartphone tech accessories.

Your company will make all those positive connections your desire with this daily staple accessory. Anytime a promo gift fulfills a need and makes life easier for the recipients, you can count on brand loyalty to increase!

With your design vibrantly emblazoned on the wide flat surface of this charging pad, your company will be the logo that will stay in focus while a device is in charge mode.

These are ideal giveaways for any business function. Stand out at tradeshows and corporate conventions! This charger’s lightweight, slim design and portability keep your logo in people’s pockets and on their desks. These can even ride along in cars!

Take advantage of one of the most successful and user-friendly ways to keep your brand relevant! Technology remains an extremely popular way to connect with your intended audience, and these chargers are no different.

Check out all the incredible promotional gifts Propermark offers, and start customizing your promotional wireless chargers today!