Promotional personal care products are some of the most versatile and affordable promotional products. And the best part? You get the biggest bang for your buck. Giving away products that people use regularly is a great strategy. Put your brand in their hands. Indeed, it’s a great plan.

When it comes to health and beauty, personal care is at the top of the list of favorite freebies. You can give out promotional personal care products individually or mix and match to make customized sets. Nowadays, everyone wants to live a healthy lifestyle. And one of the most popular products we offer is hand sanitizer. The best way to build your brand is to put your full-color logo on a small bottle that people carry with them for everyday use. Plus, you are encouraging a healthy lifestyle. 


Businesses in the health industry are ideal candidates to give these away. For example, hospitals, doctor’s offices, or medical campuses can offer them at the reception desk. Or even better, travel companies and hospitality firms. In fact, they are a no-brainer to make it your giveaway at the industrial trade show.


Other promotional personal care products like lip balms are perfect gifts from the dentist. Additionally, companies that have fun in the sun are great, too. Like, fishing tours, kayak rentals and beach rentals are perfect for these. But they aren’t just for businesses. They are ideal for party favors. Their love is the balm! 


Destination weddings need personalized favors, and we have them all. For instance, travel size sunscreen with carabiner and a glass nail file can be waiting in your guests’ room when they arrive. Over-the-hill parties and family reunions under the pavilion in your favorite park can use these party favors, too. After all, it’s the smallest details that make the biggest impact.


Take advantage of all the benefits promotional products have to offer and check out other options like personalized pouches to make your own packet of unique items. For example, zipper pouches or a travel pouch with a gusset bottom.


Get your brand out there! Stretch your budget dollars with these and all the other customizable products we have to help you impress everyone on your list.