Custom hand sanitizers can help promote your business with stress free ease and bulk buying options! With personal care and wellness remaining in focus throughout the business world, make sure your company stays well represented.

Custom hand sanitizers offer so many variables to consider when deciding which type best suits the needs of your customers, clients, and employees. Your custom giveaway gifts must resonate with your target audience. Additionally, it would be best to consider your company’s marketing goals.

This translates into picking the perfect size, shape, and type of container. It will be no surprise that attention to the little details can make a difference in your promotional product campaign success.

Pick from a variety of types, such as gel sanitizers, sprays, or liquid applications. A gel is typically the most economical and provides complete coverage to the skin. Conversely, antibacterial sprays are supremely convenient for keeping in handbags, the car, or an office drawer but can easily drip if too much is applied. Liquid forms often come in larger sizes, creating a long-lasting branding impression for your company.

Personalized hand sanitizers take up a large portion of the health and beauty sector. Your company would be remiss not to take advantage of all the marketing benefits of creating your own personalized sanitizers.

Some features to look for when deciding which product is right for your company can be simple but impactful. For instance, alcohol-free formulas are much easier on the hands. These same alcohol-free sanitizing solutions also tend to provide protection long after the liquid has dried. When a wash with soap and water is not possible, these promotional items step up in a big way.

Some bottles offer carabiner attachments. While not directly related to the product inside the container, it creates a convenient promo gift that will be taken everywhere. This translates directly into more brand awareness being created for your company.

From the plane to the train and more! In that same vein, travel sized containers will support travelers’ health while still broadcasting your logo to a widespread audience.

Check out this full color Travel Size Hand Sanitizer that is a .5 oz (15 ml) size and comes with a silicone strap for ultimate traveling convenience. Attach it to a carry-on bag at the airport, or keep it on a keyring. This compact antibacterial gel will never let your gift recipients down when there are germs to keep at bay.

A sturdy flip top and an easy squeeze drop the right amount of gel into the users’ hands. But wait! Instead of that harsh, medical smell that usually accompanies quality sanitizers, this formula smells like fresh, crisp citrus.

Kids and adults alike will love having this bottle as a daily accessory to aid them in protecting and maintaining their health. Parents will feel confident sending this FDA compliant bottle with their kids to school when washing hands with soap is impossible. Likewise, university students and business associates can stay focused on important tasks, knowing that they can freshen up at a moment’s notice.

You can even design a more sophisticated squeeze style bottle that will be right at home among other more expensive cosmetics and skincare products. This Hand Sanitizer Custom is a classy and attractive antibacterial gel. The bottle can be customized to fit your brand colors and, as always, come in the perfect usable size.

The elegant silver banding on the packaging sets off your chosen imprint design with an air of prestige and style. This is an excellent option for use at the hostess stand of a chic restaurant. It can also serve as a welcome gift to prestigious ambassadors and corporate associates. These can serve as attractive hotel toiletry items or memorable and supremely useful event swag.

These handsome squeeze bottles are your ticket to success if you want a way to stand out and make an unmistakable impression. With a 62% alcohol content and complaint with the FDA, you can feel confident that your company is providing your giveaway recipients with the best possible way to keep themselves germ-free and healthy.

Furthermore, you can choose to customize Hand Sanitizer Pens with Logo for a unique and whimsical promo gift. These branded items look exactly like the name describes. Contained in a totally convenient way, this antibacterial spray looks just like a pen.

The container features a pen clip. This design element creates a germ busting spray that is easily carried in pockets, purses, or even clipped onto lanyards.

It is virtually weightless and will only be noticeable in that your logo wraps around the entire barrel of the pen. Your chosen cap color will further accentuate your logo. It is easy to complement your branded design!

Perfect for traveling or for use at events that draw large crowds, this antibacterial pen keeps your networking abilities high and health concerns low. The citrus scent makes this gel stand out above the rest while remaining FDA-compliant.

Support your customers, clients, and employees in their quest to follow the CDC recommendations in creating a healthier world. Customize and personalize popular promo products to keep your company in line with modern day health priorities. Begin your bulk order of custom hand sanitizers now!