Promotional nail files and emery boards are surprisingly effective promotional giveaway items. One of the most common accessories in the health and beauty sector, these mainstay tools offer a desirable entrance into widely untapped advertising opportunities.

Promotional nail files and emery boards can create perfect nails no matter where a person might be. Along with that perfect shape comes the perfect opportunity for your company to increase your brand awareness. An item used for extended amounts of time, your logo will stay in the line of sight in an undeniably eye-catching way.

Great nails don’t happen by chance! A must have in anyone’s beauty box, promotional nail files and emery boards are great tools to create perfect at-home manicures. With very little investment, your company can enjoy widespread visibility. At the airport, in the office, and anywhere one of your customers has an extra moment for a little personal care.

But emery boards and files are not just for shaping and caring for nails! There are various other uses your branded gifts could help your recipients with. For example, these manicure boards can sharpen soft surfaces, like an eyeliner pencil. Use it to sharpen a crayon that needs a definite tip for an important art project. It can be used in the same manner for other similar crafting tools.

Use a metal file to sharpen sewing needles or other small metal surfaces, like a letter opener. You can also use the same file type to clean rust off small metal implements. For example, scissors or gardening gear would be likely candidates.

Surprisingly, files are handy when cleaning fuzz or “pilling” off various clothing items, like sweaters. Ensure the file being used is in nearly new condition to swipe off the fuzz balls, and outfits will look twice as good in no time!

Look at this Custom Nail File with Logo that features your company logo or message in an eye-catching full color imprint. Made from an extra thick EVA foam, this promotional gift will take up a permanent residence in vanity bags and desk drawers.

Nail salons and beauty supply stores will love the extreme recognition this business gift will provide for their business name. A clear vinyl sleeve, which is included, provides a handy protective way to keep your logo looking crisp and clear.

This can be a great addition to swag bags for booth handouts at community events.  You can also bulk order this file to use as an exciting component in a welcome pack. They are perfect for membership subscription gifts at spas, salons, and other beauty service establishments. Undoubtedly, your company brand will be seen and appreciated if you choose to distribute these useful handouts.

You can also level up your giveaway with unmistakable sophistication by designing a Glass Nail File that represents your company with ease. These glass tools flawlessly smooth nails without damaging cuticles or nailbeds.

The overreaching benefit of these glass beauty tools is that they last a long time. They also maintain a classy appearance the entire time.  The crystal board is easy to hold and manipulate to create that perfect, desirable shape. The glass encourages nails to curve and, in essence, almost seal itself. The result? A salon quality manicure that will last a long time, sponsored by your company!

These crystal files stay sharp for a long time and are easy to clean. All these require is a quick wash with gentle soap and warm water. Allow to air dry, and this tool is ready to perform as if it were brand new again.

You can also spray the glass material with disinfectant if desired. Other gentle cleaning solvents are also acceptable cleaning procedures. Wipe it, dry it, and maintain a gorgeous manicure!

These glass files are a sustainable and eco-friendly gifting option as well. Overall, the kickback on your company will always be that of positive and caring connections. These interactions will reflect well with your customers and with the environment.

Start off with a strong introduction to marketing your business name. The investment into building your brand awareness can pay off in a big way. Begin your bulk order of promotional nail files and emery boards today!