Custom face masks are now a necessity that can be turned into fashionable promotional products! When it comes to creating successful advertising items, take the initiative and provide high quality and desirable options for your customers, clients, and anyone that you want to notice your brand!

Custom face masks can help you keep your branding consistent with the ability to imprint your logo or company message right on the most visible personal care accessories available. You can even choose to use your company colors to make a statement.

Most importantly, this promotional giveaway can show the general public, your employees, and your customers that your company cares. Not just that your company cares about the health and safety of the people around you, but custom masks show your company’s concern for the environment.

With the rising need to keep germs to oneself, there has been an uptick in disposable face masks. By creating a reusable mask, your company helps the environment.

The options for creating customized health and beauty products are limitless, so choose to design a business gift giveaway that will truly make a difference for the people around you and the environment. Reusable and sustainable options are a great way to encourage a positive connection to your brand.

There are many types of masks that you can customize to fit your needs. Some can even double as scarves or neck wraps. Not only can these types of face masks help preserve the health of whoever is wearing them, but they can also serve as a double use accessory!

For instance, a great option is to create a giveaway mask that can be worn all day. Instead of a disposable, run of the mill mask, look for a high quality fabric mask that you can customize with your specific colors and logo. This creates an article of clothing that can transition seamlessly from face protection to neck protection – or even an item that supports an active lifestyle!

A great example of such an accessory is this Cooling Neck Wrap, a super practical and attractive protective face mask.  With the ability to be worn in various ways, this is a highly versatile promotional item.

A fun twist on the traditional bandana, this neck wrap offers the ultimate versatility. Not only can it be pulled up to cover the mouth and nose of the user, but it can be used as a temperature reducing cloth.

The material on this wrap is soft and comfy to wear, whether the fabric becomes wet or stays dry. It is a great accessory to wear during strenuous activity, and the wide imprint area keeps your company’s brand in plain sight!

Use it as a headband to keep hair out of the way during an intense basketball game or tennis match. Alternatively, customize your neck wrap to match school spirit colors. Team participants can use them as stylish armband wraps or as eye-catching belts.

Build team spirit and provide instant cooling abilities! The microfiber material absorbs the liquid quickly. Then, it retains the cool temperature of the water when fresh air breezes across it. Undeniably refreshing!

To take advantage of the unique cooling properties of this versatile item, dunk the wrap into cool water and wring it out. Squeeze out as much extra liquid as you want. Cool your desired surfaces by laying or wrapping the damp towel in a loose fashion. Within seconds, the cooling effect will begin!

As another major benefit, this neck wrap is machine washable and easy to care for.

Conversely, use this neck wrap dry. It will serve as a protective measure against the wind or other cold elements. In every instance, your brand will stay visible to untold amounts of eyes. Consequently, all kinds of possible customers will see that your company might be able to provide a good or service.

Don’t hesitate to take a positive step forward in providing sustainable, attractive, and protective face masks. Your employees, customers, and anyone important to your business can represent your business in ultimate style! Take advantage of one of the most visible, on-trend articles of clothing. Put your brand on something that is now a staple piece of today’s society.

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