Promotional home and garden products are a great option for your next promotional product. Cleaning supplies, decor, and outdoor living are winners. Take a look!

Home and Garden accessories and supplies make a house, a home, and a business more sharp. It’s all of those small details that bring everything together, and when you gift personalized items, it attaches your brand with thoughtfulness. Plus, you can’t go wrong with items that everyone can use at home or at the office. So it’s a win-win for choices when it comes to deciding what to highlight your logo or design onto.


Let’s look further at what we have in our home and garden category for your next giveaway. Whether it’s on display for everyone to see or a more personalized item one can carry in their pocket, we have what you are looking for.


For example, one thing that everyone, every business, and school needs are cleaning supplies. And our number one product we recommend is the microfiber cloths. Put your design on a handy item that everyone needs, and you will make a fantastic impression. Almost everyone has a cell phone on them all day, every day, and can use a soft cloth to trap dirt and pick up dust off their screens – not to mention their personal eyeglasses. Not to mention the price point!


Smaller items with your logo are always a great choice because they pack and travel so well for salespeople or giveaways at trade shows. Nowadays, you can’t waste time and money on products that won’t reach the majority of folks. These solve that for you – check out all of the options that will work the best for your company.


Additionally, we have some wow items in our décor category that will answer your question of what promotional product you are going to add to your swag closet. How about personalized refrigerator magnet clips? Think about it. Almost every office and home have a place to use a handy clip! We have personalized chip clip house-shaped ones that are ideal for any business in and around homes. For example, real estate firms or house cleaning services will pop on these unique accessories.


Another option on the higher end of the spectrum is a custom wall clock. These are ideal for schools to spread school spirit and businesses with multiple locations. It’s the small things that create a cohesiveness unique to your logo. Be inspired and click through to see which one pops for you.


Even more useful are the items we have in our kitchen and dining category. For instance, one of the first things that pop out is our promotional collapsible water bottles. Talk about a winner! Everyone needs to stay hydrated regardless of what comprises their day. Perfect for students because they don’t take up too much space in their backpacks or lunch boxes (they collapse!). And even more ideal for after-school sporting activities.


Equally handy is our incredible array of custom bags. Nowadays, everyone is thinking about their impact on the environment, and one of the best things we can do is carry our own shopping bags to reduce plastic waste. And we have so many options! For example, our custom-insulated food bags are eye-catching for businesses and individuals alike, or even offer a smaller promotional lunch bag for all of your students or customers. Actually, there are so many different sizes and colors, it’ll be the easiest choice you’ll make all day.


Speaking of easy choices, if your business has anything at all to do with the outdoors, do we have some great possibilities for you in outdoor living. Particularly for any business that has anything to do with maintaining temperature. Our outdoor thermometers are so popular we have multiple choices. Another popular choice is our custom blanket roll-up that highlights your design on the flap with a convenient handle. A blanket in the car for that spontaneous picnic or chilly Saturday morning soccer game will save the day, and your logo stands out.


Whatever the challenge for your next promotional product, we have what will make the best impressions. After all, everyone loves to get items to improve their everyday lives, whether it’s a decorative item like a wall clock or a shopping bag to keep in the trunk. Wherever you have the opportunity to give these away, get the most bang for your buck.


Check out all of what we have to offer for all the promotional items you’ll need!