Custom cleaning supplies are a foolproof option for your next promotional giveaway. These are especially helpful for a business or organization with a small budget or high quantity demand. First of all, they are universal. Giving away items that practically everyone can use is a great way to go.

Besides the price point, there’s also a benefit of a compact size. Sponsoring a trade show or spending a lot of time in the car meeting people requires a product that is easy to keep in large quantities. So, you need a budget-friendly, compact, useful item like cleaning supplies that highlights your logo? We got it. Check out all that we have to offer.

For example, our microfiber cloths are gentle and soft, perfect for cleaning screens and glass items. Wipe away those fingerprints on phones or eyeglasses. Plus, your logo is front and center, connecting your brand with usefulness. You have to admit; it’s better than a business card. They are ideal for photographers, too. For larger jobs, we have microfiber cleaning cloth XLRm, perfect for hospitality companies and cleaning companies. You know the term, use the right tool for the right job – there’s no better material for polishing. Honestly, there isn’t a business that can’t use these. Jewelers and offices alike can use a stash of these in every corner. Not to mention how useful they are at home!

When you give out promotional products customized with your brand, especially ones that people can carry on their person, you know you have a winner. Not to mention customized items that people keep on their person. For instance, a small cloth for eyeglasses – your business is in the palm of their hands. Again, it’s better than a business card.

While you are clicking through all that we have to offer, consider another idea and create a kit of useful items that people can use and keep your brand front and center. For example, add other items from our home and garden section, like bag clips or lunch bags. Indeed, a great idea!

Whatever you are looking for, we have the corporate merchandise that fits your needs.