Customized clocks can be one of the most useful items in a household. As a result, your company will become a daily name! Take advantage of this beautiful and unique way to promote your business in your customers’ everyday lives.

Whether you are designing clocks at a personal or promotional level, these timepieces are a trendy and memorable way to ensure that your company name stays relevant. Customized clocks can become one of your company’s most valuable promotional gifts to give away when it comes to custom home and garden products.

Many companies use clocks as a staple marketing product because personalized timekeepers get results! Take advantage of a widely underused promo product and harness the potential into building positive connections with your business name.

Use these designer pieces to show your customers or employees appreciation during the holidays. Imagine the surprise and delight when your staff opens a keepsake timepiece during the office Christmas party. Then imagine how the look will change when they realize it was made just for them!

A clock can also make excellent milestone gifts for employees or customers who have been loyal to your business. Give them away as an unmistakable way of showing your appreciation to everyone important to the company’s success.

When the initial exchange is over, there is no doubt that your branded timepiece will end up as an integral part of the recipient’s décor. Just think about how often a person looks up at a clock on the wall during the day. Make sure your brand’s name is a central participant each time that happens.

Clocks are an especially effective marketing technique because they are looked at so often. Similarly, they provide a large and easily read space on which to imprint your name, message, or logo.

Whatever aesthetic you wish to portray from your company, there is a style that can match your look and brand identity.

Put a branded clock in every classroom in the school or office building. Not only will everyone stay focused and work in a timely manner, but there will be a definite uptick in camaraderie. Even a small detail, like maintaining continuity in décor, can make a difference!

Our metal custom wall clock is an excellent option for creating a memorable promotional timepiece. This brushed metal frame seamlessly coordinates with every kind of style or room theme. The best aspect that this particular timepiece offers is the ability to change the look of the face. Pick from eight different options to perfectly match your tastes.

Choose your preferred style, from roman numerals to classic schoolroom clockfaces. There are minimalist designs as well as highly detailed faces. The smooth action of the minute and hour hands only highlights your business details imprinted into the center of the piece.

This timekeeper not only illustrates your logo with class, but it helps your gift recipients draw a subconscious connection with the quality of your company. All parts are working together in unison and organization!

With a clock like this one hanging on the wall, people will catch themselves looking more at this decoration item instead of at their cell phones. Truly this piece of useful décor is a gift of convenience and refinement.

Remember that the time-keeping hands can only be ordered in black. Therefore, when choosing which design to imprint on the face, remember that the hands may not show up on darker colored backgrounds.

You cannot go wrong with a beautiful and functional promotional product like a timeless clock from Propermark. Don’t waste another minute and begin your order of customized clocks today!