Insulated lunch bags and lunch boxes are the perfect promotional product to use as a giveaway! Every single day people need to eat lunch. Anybody that goes to school or work will love using your customized bag to keep their food fresh and separate. If you want practical and effective, here is your solution!

Insulated lunch bags and lunch boxes are home accessories that can sometimes be overlooked as a promo gift because of how sensible they are. They are perfect for anyone that attends school at any level. Students of any age will appreciate the ability to have a healthy meal to stick in their backpacks for later.

Teachers will also love bringing their delicious meal prep lunches from home, all while keeping it separate from other’s meals in the fridge. If you give away a box with insulation, teachers won’t have to refrigerate their meals at all!

Over the years, anime and Comicon events have exploded in popularity. Take advantage of this high interest themed branding opportunity and create your very anime lunch box. The results could be astounding!

Furthermore, anyone with an office job or that works in the healthcare industry will appreciate a branded bag for all the same reasons. There is nothing worse than looking forward to a good meal and realizing that someone else has already mistaken it for theirs.

Help your customers and employees take their kitchen and dining habits to the next level. By providing a reusable lunch bag, your company will stand out when it comes to eco-friendly practices. A high-quality bag quickly replaces paper sacks or even plastic grocery bags that are thrown away after use. Plus, there is a definite style factor that a disposable sack can’t reach.

With several types of bags available, there is an option that will match perfectly with your goals and design ideas.

For instance, decide what kind of look and carrying style you want your hot lunch box to have. Several options include a classic paper bag style reimagined into reusable excellence. There are box-style containers that are easy to clean and often offer insulation and leakproof abilities.

If a more fashionable look is on your radar, go for a lunch tote. These carriers offer a more dual-use purpose while offering a larger carrying capacity. Strong handles offset the generous storage compartment.

For example, these custom insulated cooler bags offer the best of all the lunching worlds. They offer insulation to make sure the food inside stays cold – or hot. The thermal shield steps in to keep food fresh, but it also makes a great grocery carrier. Throw in purchases from the freezer section, and feel confident that food will make it home in fine shape.

This also makes a great option to take along to picnics or other outdoor events where a portable lunch is important. The gusset on this bag is wider than average; the whole family can enjoy a packed meal!

Fold this bag up and bring it to farmer’s markets or other outdoor food festivals. Don’t worry! A hard plastic base in this bag helps everything stay structured on the way home. No smashed artisan sourdough allowed here! Your treasures will get home safely.

A zipper lines the top of the bag to keep contents secure and lock in temperatures. This design includes a convenient front pocket. Phones, keys, and other items will be easy to reach.

Another great option is custom printed lunch bags, a cute and memorable giveaway suitable for any occasion. You can imprint your full color logo on the front in several bright, cheerful colors.

These are perfect swag items to give out at company picnics or corporate retreats. Because they appeal to kids and adults, these snack sacks are a great option to promote your organization at fun runs and other family oriented events.

The perfect size to hold a delicious meal but still small enough to slip into the fridge, this sack features a sturdy handle. A velcro closure keeps food secure until it is time to eat. The polypropylene material is easy to clean with warm water and soap. Recycle this sack after it has lived a long and useful life!

You can also personalize custom insulated food bags to keep food cool and fresh! Constructed in a handy shape, these cooler boxes will become a favorite with your gift recipients when they need a big lunch box.

With a generously sized interior compartment, there is enough space to bring a meal for several people or a six-pack of soda with room to spare! The main storage zips closed to help maintain the temperatures of the contents. Two side pockets feature a zipper closure as well. A front pocket offers a secure space to keep a phone or keys.

This promo product will get your brand noticed with bright colors and a broad area to imprint your company information. People will see your logo every time it is used and immediately connect your name with quality.

Finally, you can also customize promotional lunch bags for a mid-day meal statement. These cute carriers throw a nod to the classic paper sack but offer so much more. Styled with a convenient carrying handle and conveniently sized, these lightweight sacks are perfect for busy people.

A hook and loop closure system keeps food secure and ready to pull out of the office fridge at lunchtime. If there is a spill, this material is easy to wash with soap and water. Use this cute food sack over and over again. Then, at the end of its usable life, recycle it!

There is no better way to market your business. When you provide a product that is good for both the environment and the people using it, there will be no doubt that you will get noticed!

Stand out in the breakroom and show your eco-friendly side with business gifts that make a difference. Start your bulk order of custom insulated lunch bags and lunch boxes immediately!