Personalized picnic blankets are an excellent option for making sure your company is represented during every season of the year. These blankets are great sustainable gifts and a highly visible way to get your brand noticed!

Instantly bring a home and garden from bland to fabulous with personalized picnic blankets. A custom picnic blanket is one of the most effective swag items because it can be used all year round. They can even be used at sports events during the winter!

Anywhere your branded blanket is spread out to be used, there will be crowds of people around to notice your high-quality logo product. Because these blankets come in all different shapes and sizes, you can create a promo product that fits your exact specifications!

These custom blankets will be seen in all kinds of places. The compact roll-up designs make these portable options to take everywhere. People will keep these in their cars for spontaneous outdoor adventures.

Count on seeing your gift at beach parties, keeping your gift recipients warm on camping trips, and of course, at family or corporate picnics. When it comes to outdoor living accessories, your branded blanket will be the fan favorite.

People love to bring cozy coverings with them as a way to stay clean or warm. Moms will love the ability to put their babies down on the throw to play while at family events. Kids will appreciate sitting on something clean while eating their lunch.

Adults will appreciate the ability to enjoy a spontaneous lunch outside or even plan a romantic dinner for two overlooking the city.

When the weather turns cooler, nothing is cozier than snuggling in a blanket. Your intended audience will use your promo gift while watching fireworks or chatting by the campfire. Imagine the meaningful memories that will be created at clam bakes on the beach or cheering on the hometown football team.

Take a look at this custom blanket roll up, which is just the thing to keep handy for any outdoor occasion. Keep this by the front door to grab on the way outside, or keep it in the car to be prepared for an impromptu adventure.

This easily rolls into a perfect cylinder shape with a convenient carrying handle on the top. It is easy to unroll when it is needed as well. Keep this cover in the car as part of an emergency car kit, or bring it on the airline to stay warm.

This promo blanket can easily be attached to backpacks during mountain hikes or secured to carry-on luggage. There are so many places and adventures this fun promo product will go! Of course, in every situation, your company logo will be broadly noticeable to anyone within proximity.

The material is also easy to clean and care for. The fabric is machine washable and air dries quickly in the event of a spill during a picnic. This picnic accessory provides a high value to your intended recipients that will not be missed!

Think outside the box when customizing promotional items to use as giveaways. Everyone will want items of this caliber to use in their daily lives. Begin your order of personalized picnic blankets today!