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Hundreds of Corporate Merchandise Ideas

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Hundreds of corporate merchandise ideas are at your fingertips to boost morale with your employees and build loyalty with your customers.

For your team members, a color, a logo, a slogan all bring together your brand. And there are so many opportunities to highlight all of those things. Company events like a corporate picnic come together when everyone wears the same thing. When you look around, it’s a sea of folks wearing your brand colors. Or even better, give them a gift to take home with your logo on it. When looking for your next addition to your swag closet, you want creative, practical, and affordable. Let’s look at some of the more popular choices to add to your corporate merchandise collection.

When looking for your next addition to your swag closet, you want creative, practical, and affordable. Let’s look at some of the more popular choices to add to your corporate merchandise collection.

One of the best ways to achieve that ‘oh wow’ reaction from people who get your giveaway is to give out apparel. Accessories that people use all the time are an excellent way to get your brand in people’s hands. For example, with security on the top of people’s minds nowadays, giving everyone on your team retractable badge holders. Your office operations run smoother with items such as these, and your company name is in their hands every day. Talk about the opportunity to build loyalty, and that’s how you do it. Plus, there are many different kinds to choose from, depending on your company vibe. We like to recommend the heavy-duty laser engraved badge reel for a more upscale look.

Now, if we are talking about getting everyone’s spirit up, the best giveaway is bandanas. When the team is down, we all cheer for a comeback. Give everyone one to wave with the team colors, and the next thing you know, you have a rallying call. And for the competing athletes, give them headbands with your design wrapped all the way around and catch everyone’s eyes. Charity runs and gyms are ideal places for these. As we’ve said, take a look at all that apparel offers, and we are sure you’ll find the perfect giveaway.

Speaking of perfect freebies, electronics and their accessories are where it’s at in today’s corporate world. With folks working from home and their cars more than ever, phone accessories are another great way to get your business logo in people’s hands. Think about how many hours we are all on our phones. Make the most of that opportunity and put your brand on things like cell phone ring grips or portable phone chargers. And they aren’t just for the workday either. Don’t get caught at that destination wedding location without a fully charged power bank. And after you’ve snapped all the fun photos, with a phone kickstand, you can prop your phone up and share them with everyone in the bar during the after-party. Since practically everyone carries around a phone (or two!) with them all the time, corporate merchandise such as these is a home run—every time.

Another way to go with promotional products is with a personal touch. And by that, we mean the small things that go a long way when you have them at your fingertips—something like a small first aid kit. You can carry it in your glove compartment or keep it in the top drawer of your office desk. It comes in handy at just the right time—things in the realm of health and beauty.

Think about it: everyone needs a bandage for a paper cut at one time or another, so it makes perfect sense to put your brand on items like these. Nowadays, with all the time that we spend in our cars, give them things they can keep with them. Your company is ahead of the game when it comes to impressions! These are the items that are perfect additions to any swag bag. Because things like lip balms, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and first aid kits are for personal use at home, in the office, and everywhere. If your business has the opportunity to get your company’s logo out there to a lot of people at once, these are the perfect items to have at your booth or the welcome sponsorship kit.

There are endless opportunities to have your brand on promotional products, whether at trade shows, schools, or the office. Take advantage of our hundreds of corporate merchandise ideas.