Custom promotional notepads get your name and logo in front of your customers and potential clients. Add your exclusive design and create a custom printed notepad that makes your company stand out!

Custom promotional notepads are both functional and provide high value to your gift recipients. Office supplies are a type of promotional giveaway that not only helps your employees work more efficiently, but the use of notepads, specifically, can help improve communication between staff members.

When your employees use your branded notebooks, and custom printed journals to stay organized, they will also generate positive impressions that will reflect directly on your company. The widespread visibility of a quality imprinted notepad will help increase your brand awareness.

There are so many options to design the perfect custom notebook for your marketing and workplace efficiency goals. You can choose to put your logo on traditionally sized books with elastic closures, or you can appeal to the greener side of your recipients. There are several eco-friendly options that are both beautiful and sustainable! Some notepads even come with a matching pen!

For example, use our easy online system to begin customizing notebooks like this custom spiral notebook with logo. This conveniently sized notebook is a top notch way to keep your brand visible. Users can easily take this handy book with them everywhere they go. They will keep it close at hand to jot down important reminders, thoughts, and little details that they need to remember.

This notebook is small enough that it is second nature to tuck it into backpacks or handbags. Your gift recipients will appreciate the ability to create their grocery or packing list while waiting for prescriptions or other daily errands. Your brand will be broadcasted to unlimited amounts of new eyes and people in every instance.

The notepad comes with a matching pen and is available in several different, eye-catching colors. With every letter written down on its pages, there will be an undeniable connection between your company and quality!

Another excellent option is the custom journal with pen loop that is a great size and offers high levels of usability! This book’s smaller, more compact design will allow it to become a mainstay jotter for people who travel often or are always on the go. It is easy to slide right into purse pockets or even jackets for ultimate ease of access.

With an eye-catching design, this little notepad gives off a professional vibe. The two-tone color scheme creates a polished and elegant look while offering functionality. The notebook features a bookmark as well as an elastic closure loop. Your gift recipients can stay organized and keep extra inserts safe and secure.

Furthermore, this little book features a pen loop to ensure its user is never left without a way to record important thoughts, details, and pertinent information. Wrapped up in a little package, this promo product offers extreme value to you and the people who receive this handout.

If your company wants to capitalize on offering sustainable options to your clientele and employees, look at this eco-friendly notebook. This promo item is a great way to show that your company cares about the planet in a meaningful way.

Present these notepads to new employees to set the precedence for your commitment to the environment right from the start. You can also use them as part of conferences to ensure your employees and other attendees don’t miss a single detail.

Give them away to your staff as a token of your appreciation, and feel confident that your branded notebooks will be used at work as well as at home as a favored accessory.

The cover of these notebooks features a pleasant look and feel while still ensuring that your logo or business name is visible. Every time this notebook is used, there will be an immediate and positive demonstration of your company’s values.

Another excellent sustainable option is the recycled notepad with pen. This is a smaller version of the book mentioned above and features a flip top, spiral bound design. Easy to slip into shirt pockets and keep in handbags, this is a notepad that will represent your company well.

Made from recycled cardboard, pick from several pleasant colors to fully customize this notepad. The result? A promo product that feels good to hold and feels even better to use. Not only that, but it even comes with a matching pen. The pen attaches to the pad with a handy elastic loop.

This is an ideal giveaway gift for trade shows and job fairs. Give these notepads away anywhere you want to generate positive impressions with your company. Your giveaway recipients will thank you every time they pull your notepad out to jot down a thought. Plus, the environment will also thank you.

There are many excellent options to create a branded notebook or custom journal that represents your company well. From eye-catching covers to eco-friendly items, there is a promotional product that you can put your logo on with pride. Start a bulk order of custom promotional notepads now!