Custom sticky notes and flags are perfect for keeping your company logo visible at the office or home. With a self-adhesive backing, it is easy to upload your desired design onto a highly functional desk accessory.

Custom sticky notes and flags come in various sizes to suit your needs. Customize these to fit your brand colors and showcase your logo.  

These high-quality office supplies will quickly become a staple desktop fixture. Important reminders and memos will stay in the line of sight with these customizable notes. Additionally, help your gift recipients create easy-to-see checklists that need to stay at the front of the line of important details. 

There are numerous places and times these customized sticky sheets will be needed and appreciated. Level up your promotional product game and customize a book of stickies that will attractively showcase your company logo and help your customers and employees succeed in their daily pursuits.  

From staying on track and focused to cultivating higher levels of motivation, these sticky logo notes are an economical way to show your appreciation to your employees. Likewise, these make great freebies at fairs, outdoor events, and trade shows where your main focus is to get your name into new people’s hands.

Check out these custom sticky notes that provide a wide range of options to ensure the user can notate and mark pages effectively. This book holds not only adhesive notes that come in a standard 3” x 3” size but a variety of brightly colored sticky flags are also conveniently included.

The book is a perfect size to keep nearby in briefcases or purses. It features a colorful cover that will catch the eyes every time it is pulled out to be used.  Promote your business with far-reaching effects.

Several premium colors make it easy to customize the little books to match your brand identity. The stickie books’ covers provide ample space to imprint your logo. Every time someone needs to jot down a quick thought or even stick a reminder to pick up the milk on the way home on their computer screen, your company logo will be right there for everyone to see.

Level up with a custom sticky notes notebook with pen that is the proverbial jack of all trades. Stay focused and organized with all the features included in this handy notebook.  

First, it features a sturdy spiral-bound jacket that is also made of smooth, easy to clean plastic just in case there is a spill. Flip open the bright, colorful cover emblazoned with your company details, and several incredible features exist.  

A business card sleeve takes the top position, an often overlooked but significant benefit to this particular style of book. Keep your own card in that sleeve, just in case this notebook gets misplaced, or use it to keep information for businesses within your network within easy reach.

Below the card holder are a standard pad of sticky notes and five brightly colored adhesive flags. To the side, an elastic pen loop keeps a matching pen with black ink, ready to take down every important thought.

But that is not all. This notebook also includes 70 lined pages! Truly, this is a promotional product that outshines the rest in capability, value for the user, and quality.

For an equally impactful option, take a look at the custom sticky notes notebook large that offers a full-color imprint option on the cover. Just as functional but offering a more streamlined approach, this eye-catching book is a practical giveaway.

People will take this notebook in their backpacks, purses, or briefcases. Broadly visible to anyone within eyesight, your company logo will shine each time this book appears.

Offering various options for adhesives, this writing pack holds an impressive amount of note taking materials. A stack of 80 larger-sized rectangular sheets, as well as 25 mid-sized squares, make up the main body. Additionally, there are 25 adhesive flags in five different bright colors.

These are great items to use as handouts at trade shows and job fairs. They connect positively with possible clients or employees while providing high economic value to your marketing budget.

Furthermore, you can put your company details on the front cover of a custom sticky notes logo book to create additional awareness for your brand. This product will appeal to environmentalists concerned with living a sustainable lifestyle.

Recycled material makes up these notebooks. As a result, they are eco-friendly and durable! The result is a lovely feeling book that packs a big promotional punch. Available in traditional colors as well as beautiful natural colors, these books portray a professional look.

Inside are several options for adhesive stickies, including large rectangular sheets, standard square sheets, and five vibrantly colored adhesive flags. This handy variety will help keep desktops organized and daily life under control.

In the meantime, your business logo is the star of the show. Anyone who sees this branded merch will immediately associate your business with green practices. That is a positive connection worth promoting!

Office supplies are a smart way to get your brand out there in a functional and noticeable way. There is no end to the results promotional products can bring back to your company. Begin your bulk order of custom sticky notes and flags now!