Custom multifunction pens are the gold standard for a pen that can do more than write! Put your company’s logo on one of these versatile and valuable writing tools and dazzle your customers and clients!

Custom multifunction pens check a lot of boxes and streamline daily routines when it comes to customized office supplies. Perhaps you prefer to carry both black and blue ink pens. A pen like this can combine both colors into one central tool.

Or perhaps using an electronic device is an essential part of the day but not enough to carry a separate stylus. Again, a multipurpose pen can step in and provide a screen-safe stylus tip and maintain traditional writing abilities with an ink tip.

There could also be other unique demands, such as the need to write in a simple medium ballpoint tip generally, but a really fine tip is still needed to accomplish tasks a certain way.

Perhaps there is a need to color code while writing. A pen with multiple colors is the perfect solution. There are multi purpose tools to fit every need. Whether within the educational sector, professional offices, or anywhere else, multi-function writing tools offer a substantial advantage in usability and promoting your company.

Think about what kind of tips your targeted demographic would always use, but also think about the types of tips they would never use.

If pencils are never used, there is no point in designing a promotional product that has a pencil option. Decide if your intended users prefer gel or a classic ballpoint writing tip. Different colors of ink are also worth considering.

Teachers might appreciate the addition of red marking ink in their pens. Legal offices could benefit from a tool that offers both black and blue ink, with the addition of a laser pointer for giving presentations and emphasizing essential details.

There are so many different options that you can undoubtedly find the correct multi-use tool to fit your needs.

For instance, take a look at this promotional highlighter pen combo. It melds the best of two worlds in an effortless style. Carefully designed, this pen exudes quality and sophisticated refinement.

There are several premium color options around which to design your writing combo. Pick the color that will coordinate best with your company’s brand identity. The grip will match the attached highlighter for an unmistakable fluid-looking promo product.

With classic black ink, this combo will become a mainstay accessory in every desk drawer, shirt pocket, briefcase, and backpack.

The barrel showcases your company name, logo, or message in precise detail. Every person within eyesight will see your custom imprint.

Promote school spirit with these handy promo items. Students will love the flexibility and value this pen provides them during lectures. They can take notes with the smooth-flowing ink on one side. Then, the same instrument can efficiently highlight the most important points with the matching highlighting marker on the other end.

Keep a basket of these readily available at registration desks to welcome new students and curate a sense of community and belonging. Faculty members will also love these as they grade papers and notate essays.

Not only will these branded products find plenty to do in the educational sector, but professional companies and small businesses can also benefit from a versatile and economical giveaway product like these multi-use pens.

The number of positive impressions these pens can make with the general public is a deep benefit for your company, no matter where they end up being used.

Begin your order of customized promotional products and see the difference a quality writing implement can make. Start designing, add to cart and buy your custom multifunction pens today!