Custom promotional pens are a practical, stylish and unforgettable way to promote your business, brand, or event. Proven to be among the most effective promotional products to giveaway, print your logo on a premium pen, and order in bulk!

Custom promotional pens offer incredible usability while allowing you to get the highest return out of your marketing budget, especially when it comes to customized office supplies. Promotional pens keep your brand in the hands of potential customers and clients, as well as maintain those important connections with existing clientele.

Designing an exclusive order of branded pens is more of an investment for your company than an expense. The amount of brand impressions that a pen can generate makes this kind of promotional product one of the best and most popular items your company could distribute.

When you are ordering your branded custom pens, think about the demographic, of whom you are trying to attract attention. If you want to drum up excitement for your university, pick one that will appeal to a student. Think form and utility!

Make sure that you pick your ink color carefully if you want to stand out in a professional setting. Some professional offices appreciate having blue-ink writing pens so that they can keep copies and original paperwork separate at a moment’s glance.

Consider that some of your intended recipients will gravitate towards an eco-friendly offering. Choose from biodegradable or writing tools made from recycled materials to connect in a positive way with people that care deeply about the sustainability of the products they use.

Furthermore, it is important to deliberate which kinds of materials make up your ultimate promotional gift. There are metal options on which you can engrave your company name or logo for an unmistakably sophisticated promo gift. Plastic, aluminum, and steel are also common choices when it comes to creating a branded business gift.

Other elements to take into consideration are the types of pens that are available. From rollerballs to ballpoints, stylus to gel, there is a pen that can fulfill every need and desire. Some even have LED lights installed to illuminate your company logo with extra brilliance!

For instance, this custom stylus pen is a trifecta of usability! Not only does it glide across the page with a smooth ink tip, but it also can be used as a stylus for touchscreen devices. Your gift recipients can be more effective and precise when they are swiping, typing, or reading on their electronic devices.

The transition from screen to paper is effortless and seamless with this incredibly useful customized pen. But that’s not all. This writing tool also features a glowing light that illuminates your custom-engraved logo on the barrel.

What a handy pen to have on a late-night flight or while doing a crossword puzzle on a sleepless night. The gentle glow illuminates the surface directly around the pen. Yet, it does not do it in a way that disturbs anyone around you. Your company’s name is highlighted with a unique, eye-catching style in the event that anyone does look.

Another great option is the custom printed pen that is beneficial for your brand visibility, as well as your advertising budget. This is a fun promo product that keeps your brand in the public eye, without being too overbearing.

For the price, you can keep several boxes in your supply closet. There will be nothing left on your hands at trade shows, business fairs, and any other event that you attend. Fun color options make it a breeze to coordinate with your branding colors. The classic ink color ensures that this is an item that will be used daily.

Small businesses, committees, and clubs will all love the way these pens represent their organizations with appealing functionality. Everyone loves swag and these are a perfect way to get your name into the hands of the general public! Plus, your marketing budget will stay intact.

Furthermore, you can choose to put your logo on a custom promotional pen that offers a colored body that you can contrast with your business colors. With their compact size, overall budget-friendly price, and overreaching usefulness, this is a promotional giveaway that can make a difference for your company!

The curvy, comfortable design is both attractive and easy to use with a soft grip and easy click -to-write mechanism. Draw up contracts, sign sales agreements, or even write personalized cards to important customers. There is nothing this pen can’t do with ease and style.

The colorful body sets it apart from the rest and lends an extra air of confidence to your brand. There is no doubt that once you hand these promo products out, they will appear repeatedly in countless situations. The result? Your company name is in the hands of countless people. Not only that but also in front of the eyes of even more possible clients and customers.

There are other excellent options for customized writing tools as well. Check out the custom laser pointer pens that are a dual-purpose tool that still represents your company with luxury and class!

The custom engraving on this aluminum pen gives this product an upscale feel. At the same time, the writing tip teamed up with the laser pointer end creates a product that is ultimately useful!

Simply twist the barrel to write or push the button on the side to activate the red laser light. This product will be used in so many situations, both professionally and personally. In every instance, your logo will be the one that attracts attention and make positive impressions.

Use it for important presentations in the conference room. Or as a pointer in the warehouse where team members can be directed to boxes and supplies that are out of reach.

There are countless opportunities where personalized imprints can create positive impressions for your company brand. By simply putting your logo on a quality product, you can expect big returns on your marketing investment. Start your order of custom promotional pens today!