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Promotional Items for Corporate Gifts

Promotional Items for Corporate Gifts

Promotional items for corporate gifts are the best way to make the most of your marketing budget. Indeed, there are so many to choose from, and the possibilities are endless.

There you are, at the conference room table, and the boss tasks you with ordering the next round of promotional products for your company. It may seem like an easy task. After all, everyone loves to get a freebie, but how do you narrow it down? Let’s break it down.

First, figure out where you will give out your swag. For instance, are you taking part in a corporate trade show or handing things out at the company picnic? Let’s take a look at the former.

When you choose a promotional product to give out at the corporate trade show, consider a few things. First, remember you have to store and carry a lot of whatever you are giving out. So, avoid awkward shapes or oversized items that don’t fit easily in a booth. With this in mind, your logo on a reusable bag is a sure winner.

A trade show is a prime place for folks to get freebies, so make your company stand out with a tote bag. After all, they are like mini-billboards walking around advertising your company. When other companies give out smaller gifts with their brand on them, be ahead of the game by giving people a carryall to put all those smaller giveaways into for carrying. And there are so many styles and size options, too. Honestly, it’s a home run.

Additionally, a great selling point of these giveaways is the compelling detail that they are reusable and recyclable. After all, being environmentally responsible is essential for modern businesses.

On the other hand, if you are giving out things at the company picnic, you may want to choose more personal gin a giveaways smaller size to carry with them throughout the event. Perhaps, personal care items are the way to go.

When a gathering of employees at an outdoor event is on the calendar, give away personal articles like sunscreen and hand sanitizer. Smaller things that folks can put in their pocket and go about their activities are also winners. As a result, your logo is at their fingertips all day.  For example, everyone can use a drop of antibacterial gel before digging into the bbq buffet. And then afterward, a little lip balm before the volleyball game in the sun.

Actually, packaging all the possible personal care products in a takeaway sack and the opportunity to have your brand at their fingertips is a great impression. Additionally, any leftover items can go in communal spaces in any office. After all, having things like emery boards and hand sanitizer in the top drawer of any office desk.

Speaking of offices, gifts that make employees and customers equally happy are electronics. That’s because practically everyone carries a cell phone with them every day for work and personal use. So why not take advantage of that fact and consider some cell phone accessories?

For example, ring holders and stands are a great way to get brand exposure. Promotional products with your logo on them that people use all the time, especially in public, are ideal for making the most of your marketing dollars. Everyone who holds their phone with your brand – literally in their hands – is a brand ambassador. Indeed, it can’t get better than that!

Likewise, everyone can use an extra charger, too. Actually, any cell phone accessories are a fantastic choice. It checks off all the boxes. They are small and easy to keep and carry. Salespeople can bring a handful to their appointments easily and impress everyone in the meeting.

With so many options, you will impress your boss when you present your ideas for your promotional items for corporate gifts.