Toys & games bring a little whimsy to your swag collection. Sometimes a smile is just the reaction you are looking for when it comes to your clients, and what a joy! Promotional products give you an opportunity to make an impression and build your brand. And if you can do that with a little bit of fun, even better!

Building your brand with promotional products is better than a business card. They can be a unique opportunity to stand out from the crowd. And with so many opportunities to give your customers a chance to associate your brand with happiness and fun. And what speaks to fun more than sports toys?

For example, our promotional foldable frisbees convey a sense of enjoyment. Besides the festive feeling, it’s the ideal item to display your logo. The best part about these entertaining flyers is how portable they are. For instance, if you plan to spend the day at the park, a regular frisbee may be too awkward to carry. So, just fold up one of these to carry in your backpack. If the opportunity arises, you can whip it out for a game. And just like that, you are the center of the fun!

Also, the bright colors are so eye-catching that they can be a great attention-getter at trade shows. Any salesperson can tell you, it’s a challenge to stand out. Trade shows have a lot of rows of booths. It takes a little creativity to get attention. Not only are these easy and light to carry around in numbers, but they can also make time fly with some exciting demonstrating how they work. Indeed, a bonus – bright and festive!

Another ideal place to give these away is any organization with young people. Whether it’s a scouting group or a college campus, encouraging young people to put down their phones and get some fresh air is always a winning proposition. Not the mention the price point!

Speaking of happiness, we would be remiss if we didn’t point out that the best opportunity for a sense of whimsy is with stuffed animals. Practically everyone has a fond memory of their favorite plush friend. Our custom teddy bears come with a t-shirt that is the perfect placement for your logo. There are so many prospects to make this a great way to connect with folks. At a child’s event, sponsors will convey an approachable and loveable feeling when participants take one of these huggable companions home with them.

At the same time that we explore all the possibilities with the success that our products offer you as a promotional item, we also can offer fantastic personal party favors. And these teddy bears can be quite the memorable takeaway from a birthday party.

Nowadays, there are so many ways to go when you are building your brand, but one of the most tried and true methods is with promotional products. Not to mention their cost-effectiveness of them. Of course, it’s not enough to just grab attention; you want to build loyalty.

And whether it’s through products that are useful, clever or fun, every time the item they got from you is another favorable impression. After all, repeat exposure without an inflated marketing budget is key to your branding success.

And don’t forget the personal opportunities to impress anyone who comes to your event. For instance, every destination wedding needs a welcome kit for everyone in the bridal party. Even better, those benchmark birthdays can always use a personal touch, and we have everything for that party!

Whatever the occasion, check out all of what we have to offer at Propermark.